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GRU.Net configuration information

Dial-Up Configuration

This information is normally used during the initial installation and configuration process of creating a account. However, if you need to reconfigure your computer, you will need the following information. You might want to print this page for your reference. If you need any additional information, you can contact the Help Desk or call (352)334-3100.

Configuration Setting
Dial-Up Telephone Number (352) 582-1111
IP Address Server Assigned
WINS Resolution Disable
GRU.Net Homepage
Homepage FTP Location
User Homepages username

Figure 1: GRU.Net dial-up telephone number.

Figure 2: Typical configuration settings.

Web Page Configuration

Figure 3: FTP location used for transferring your web pages to GRU.Net.

Figure 4: User homepage location; your username would replace johndoe.

E-Mail Configuration

We also support IMAP connections for some accounts. Contact the Help Desk for more information.

Configuration Setting (based on your account domain name)
Incoming Mail Servers:
Outgoing Mail Servers:

Figure 5: Typical e-mail configuration settings.

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