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Other common e-mail questions

The Parts of an E-Mail Address

Your e-mail address is composed of two parts, your username and the domain, separated by the at-sign (@). Your username is the name that you selected when you created your account. The domain is your ISP server. For instance, if your user name is janesmith, and your domain is, then your e-mail address is Note: It is recommended that you type e-mail addresses in all lowercase because some mail servers confuse addresses using mixed cases as all-uppercase characters.

Printing E-Mail Messages

One option is to copy and paste the text of the message into Notepad. You may then use Notepad to print the message. You can also use the print button in the e-mail program.

Pine E-Mail Provider does not support Pine e-mail providers. Pine is a UNIX-based provider, and all of the servers are running Windows NT.

Creating Additional E-Mail Accounts offers two types of additional mailboxes. The first is a separate mailbox where e-mail delivered to each name is kept completely separate. You might create accounts like this when you have several family members and each member wants to check e-mail separately. The second type is an alias. E-mail can be sent to any alias address, but the e-mail will be retrieved from the mailbox account the alias is associated to.

To manage your e-mail accounts, create/delete additional mailboxes, or create an e-mail alias please call the Help Desk at (352) 334-3100

To check additional accounts in Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 4.0 and above:

  • Click the Tools menu, and click Accounts.
  • Click the Mail tab, and write down the incoming and outgoing mail server configurations.
  • Click the Add button, and click Mail.
  • Type in your name as you would like it to appear in your messages, and click Next.
  • Type in your e-mail address
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