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Problems with High Speed connections

Cannot Connect to the Ethernet

If you're having problems connecting to the Ethernet, try each of the following. If after checking each step you still cannot connect, call the Help Desk at (352) 334-3100.

  • Is the Ethernet cord plugged in?
  • Is the link light still turned on when the Ethernet cord is unplugged?
  1. If yes, then there could be a problem with the network card.
  2. If no, continue to the next step.
  • Ensure that your username and password are correct.
  • If you're required to use the Enternet 300 software to connect, reinstall the software.
  • Verify that the DNS server numbers are correct.

They should be:

DNS Server Number

Slow Connection Speeds

Some versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 98 and earlier) are not designed for high speed Internet access, but rather for dial-up connections, and therefore cause delays in communicating with the servers. If this is the case, then your only solution is to install a more recent version of Windows. For more information about how different aspects of the Internet can affect your connection speed, read this article (link to Connection_speeds.doc).

Regardless of your operating system, it may be possible to gain an increase in your connection speeds. Your computer may not be setup properly to take full advantage of broadband speeds. Modifying your configuration to maximize performance is known as tweaking. Tweaking implies subtle improvements, but it actually fixes huge problems. Tweaking may fix:

  • Slow download speeds
  • Download slower than upload speed
  • Skipping in TCP streaming video/audio
  • Blank web pages
  • Connection issues to some sites

There are several things you can do that may help. Because every user's computer and connection can be different, the necessary tweaks can be different too. Because of this, we recommend that you use the tools on in order to test and adjust your settings.

Multiple Attempts to Connect

If you have to click the Connect button several times before you get a connection, then you should verify that your settings are correct. If you are utilizing a PPPoE Ethernet protocol, you need to ensure that the Disable WIN resolution options are not selected. Note: Santa Fe Pointe and Magnolia Grand are the only locations using BBSM, and therefore should keep WIN resolution disabled. If this fails, then reinstall the Enternet 300 software and try again. If the problem persists, contact the Help Desk.

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