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Top world news Headlines

Tens of billions promised to boost clean energy tech

PARIS (AP) -- Government and business leaders are banking on clean energy technology to fight global warming, kicking off this week's high-stakes climate change negotiations by pledging tens of billions of dollars for research and development....

Planned Parenthood: Long a lightning rod in US culture wars

NEW YORK (AP) -- As a leading defender of abortion rights and comprehensive sex education, Planned Parenthood deals daily with some of America's most contentious issues, and is well accustomed to receiving verbal threats....

Local News

'Perfect maid" dies at 101

Idella Parker, the Reddick native best known as author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' "perfect maid," died on Nov. 21 in Pompano Beach after an extended illness. She was 101.

Santa Fe homemaker program marks 30th anniversary

The Displaced Homemaker: Focus on the Future program is celebrating 30 years of empowering women to get back on their feet and pursue their career goals.