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Top world news Headlines

US abandons Pentagon's failed rebel-building effort in Syria

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is overhauling its approach to fighting the Islamic State in Syria, abandoning a failed Pentagon effort to build a new ground force of moderate rebels and instead partnering with established rebel groups, officials said Friday....

Analysis: GOP is party desperately in search of a leader

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The GOP is a party in chaos, desperately in search of a leader....

Local News

3 arrested, 1 sought after Gainesville armed robberies

Gainesville Police Department officers arrested three men early Friday morning in connection with two armed robberies and were working solid leads to identify the driver of the car the robbers were in.

Long-awaited Alachua Publix set to open Saturday

Alachua Mayor Gib Coerper said he’s heard talk and rumors about a Publix grocery store coming to different parts of the city since he arrived there 41 years ago. It got to where he would tell people they'll know for sure when a sign goes up saying “Publix coming soon,” dirt is turned and walls start going up.