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Images of shot Egypt protester revive criticism of police

CAIRO (AP) -- Images of a mortally wounded protester, blood running down her face and hair as she was lifted from the pavement by a comrade, have touched off powerful criticism of Egypt's government on the anniversary of a revolution initially sparked by police brutality....

Kerry in Nigeria to warn against postelection violence

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) -- In a rare high-level visit to Africa's most populous country, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday urged Nigeria's leading presidential candidates to refrain from fomenting violence after next month's vote, and he condemned savage attacks by Boko Haram, an al-Qaida-linked insurgency....

Local News

Balance between rehabilitation, justice sought as fate of girls in slaying weighed

Two weeks after a pair of young girls were arrested in the shooting death of their 16-year-old brother, a prosecutor has said that he will wait until counseling determines how years of alleged abuse impacted them before deciding whether to charge them with a crime.

Five things you need to know for Sunday, Jan. 25

Five things you need to know for Sunday, Jan. 25 are featured.

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