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Top world news Headlines

Representatives grill Kerry on aspects of Iran nuclear talks

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Secretary of State John Kerry played defense Wednesday on Capitol Hill, fielding dozens of questions from lawmakers worried about what Iran could get in a deal being negotiated to block its ability to make an atomic weapon....

US-Israel quarrel intensifies over Netanyahu speech

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Trading barbs, the U.S. and Israel escalated their increasingly public spat Wednesday over Benjamin Netanyahu's GOP-engineered congressional speech next week, with the Israeli prime minister accusing world powers of rolling over to allow Tehran to develop nuclear weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry openly questioned Netanyahu's judgment on the issue....

Local News

O'Dome renovations postponed for a year

The University of Florida announced Wednesday that it is putting off renovation of the O'Connell Center for a year.

Legislature and lawsuit taking on Florida's 64-ounce growler ban

Among craft-beer enthusiasts, the growler has emerged as not only a trendy way to have a cold one but also the standard for enjoying a tasty draft on your couch instead of the barstool.

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