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Solace or silence? Not all families of fallen get Trump call

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some got sympathy and solace. Some got silence. One got a promise of cash....

Wildfires worsen housing crunch in famously costly Bay Area

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) -- Even before fire wiped out the home she rented for 17 years, Suzanne Finzell had thought about leaving this city on the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area because of rising prices. A spike in housing and other living costs had driven her friends to Nevada and Oregon....

Local News

Latest on Spencer event: City bans weapons, shields downtown

White nationalist Richard Spencer will speak at the Phillips Center on the University of Florida campus Thursday afternoon, raising concerns over hate speech and the potential for violent protests and counter-protests as in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Gainesville edgy as police presence, anxiety grow

Gainesville was beginning to resemble a police state Wednesday in response to Thursday’s speech at the University of Florida by white nationalist Richard Spencer.Law enforcement from around Florida rolled into town and began getting the lay of the land at the Phillips Center and the Cultural Plaza, where the speech and protests will occur.Barricades and fencing have been erected at several campus spots, at the Gainesville Police Department and at Bo Diddley Plaza [...]